Robin Salcido

I just turned 60. Part of me says, so what. Another part says, ‘What do you want to say, girl?’ I began this project to answer that question. I began this project to build a community with women over 50.

This is not a how-to blog. This isn’t the place where you’ll find all the answers or learn how to live a non-mercury-in-retrograde life as you hit 50 and beyond.

This is where we will share our stories and have a conversation about all the ways our lives change after 50 whether it’s our bodies, we move, begin a new profession or shift relationships. Our lives are ripe with change.

We have an opportunity to shift the aging paradigm. Let’s do that. Together.

My Promise to You

No bullshit. The truth as I know it at the time. Uncertainty. CELEBRATION.

Pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of coffee and come on in!

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I’m a photographer and writer focusing on women over 50 with a driven desire to blow up societal ignorance about our demographic by sharing stories about who we are.