Robin Salcido

I turned 60 in 2019. I began Our Stories Today out of curiosity about women over the age of 50.

What do we think about and what do we most value in this life phase? What do we most enjoy? Worry about? Creating community and sharing stories is my goal.

This is not a how-to blog. There are enough of those around.

Things are changing. So, let’s talk. 

The Wise Women Project

The “Wise Women Project” aims to honor and document the lives of women over 50.

In addition to Our Stories Today, I am a photographer who specializes in photographing women.

The RES Photography “Wise Women Project” took place from 2019-2021 and involved portraits and interviews of remarkable women (and men) over the age of 50.

This project along with the Magnificent Men Project will be on exhibit in the coming year in the following locations:

Boulder Meadows Library:  April-May 2023

North Boulder Recreation CenterSeptember 2023

Please contact me here for more information.


Aging gracefully is the clear knowing my value and worth are innate. It’s living life with confidence, authenticity, and kindness. A desire plus willingness to learn, grow, and embrace the ever-changing world is paramount.


I always feel that my time at the piano is a sort of nourishment. I NEED to play every day, even if only for a half hour. Typically I practice several hours when I can. Because I have a flexible schedule I am able to find happiness with a daily mile swim (something I have been doing for over 35 years), playing tennis with my husband and friends, teaching, managing our household, exploring new cuisines of cooking, and learning about anything.


With my kids grown and out of the house, the natural question was, “what’s next?” That was easy for me to answer – my lifelong dream was to work with horses. With Covid, going back to school online was logical.


It’s important to do big things. To reach beyond ourselves and do something that means more than just a paycheck. I am very happy now doing things that are meaningful to me and to others, and feeling like I’m making a difference.


As I look forward to my 58th birthday and assess where I am in my life, I recognize now that I have lived a life of rich experience and that I have something to share.  I’ve also learned that I enjoy mentoring and that folks have enjoyed my support, leadership, coaching and general sense of fun as I help them achieve their life goals. 


I am definitely a believer in the power of positive thinking. It has helped me live with a chronic health condition that is not debilitating, but can sure make life miserable. I practice optimism. That doesn’t mean ignoring the reality of a tough situation, but acknowledging the challenge in a more hopeful way of working toward a solution or acceptance of the situation.