Robin Salcido

I turned 60 in 2019. I began this project to explore what aging means and how we are moving through it. I began this project to revise the negative narrative surrounding women and aging.

This is a space to share our stories and have a conversation about transitions after 50 whether it’s our bodies, a relocation, new profession or shift in our relationships. Our lives are ripe with change and new chapters.

So, let’s talk.

“We Who Are Over 50”

I spent 2019 photographing and interviewing extraordinary women over the age of 50. My goal was to give voice to the myriad ways we “crones and sages” continue to contribute to our families, communities and society. I have created a photo book complete with these portraits and an inspirational quote excerpted from each conversation. You can read all of these conversations in full here. 
The book is available for purchase and makes an excellent gift. Please use contact form for pricing inquiries, including shipping. Local orders can be picked up at the studio.

The Podcast

I launched the Women.Words.Wisdom. Podcast just shy of my 61st birthday to share more stories of women over 50.  The podcast has a series of interviews with women I consider inspirational and fascinating that I believe deserve a platform. I also read my own essays for those of you who still enjoy story time! Know someone I should meet? Reach out here.

Explore Our Stories Today

I’m a photographer and writer focusing on women over 50 with a driven desire to revise the common cultural narrative by sharing stories about who we really are and how we are choosing to define our lives. Below are a few of the women who have shared their stories with Our Stories Today. Do you have a story you’d like to share? Learn more here.