Robin Salcido

I turned 60 in 2019. I began Our Stories Today out of curiosity about women over the age of 50.

What do we think about and what do we most value in this life phase? What do we most enjoy? Worry about? Creating community and sharing stories is my goal.

This is not a how-to blog. There are enough of those around.

Things are changing. So, let’s talk. 

Our Stories Today was recently in the news! Check out my interview with Shoutout Colorado here and learn more about how this community got its start.

“I am under no illusion that I will change all ageist perspectives, but if I can help any woman over 50 explore her next life chapter feeling empowered and relevant and SEEN, then I am grateful.”

The Wise Women Project

The “Wise Women Project” aims to honor and document the lives of women over 50.

In addition to Our Stories Today, I am a photographer who specializes in photographing women.

The RES Photography “Wise Women Project” is an opportunity for women over 50 who live in Boulder County and across the country to participate.

I began this project in 2019 and the work is ongoing. Please contact me here for more information.

The Wise Women Project is in the news! Click here to read coverage from the Boulder Daily Camera!

“Exposing a vulnerable period in my life for Our Stories Today was not easy, but I was grateful that I had a way to tell my story and the responses gave me a community of compassionate voices that made me feel both empowered and less alone.”  Read here for more testimonials of other Wise Women.

~ Kika Dorsey