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I believe women over 50 get a bum rap culturally. As a storyteller, I’m hoping to shed light on the real and inspiring ways older women are moving through the world by sharing my personal stories and through interviews with extraordinary women curated to guide you to self acceptance, joy and inspiration in your post 50 experiences. You’ll hear stories about menopause, starting over post 50, and  why I love working with women over 50! 

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Cynthia is an author, artist and coach who shares her love of creative process, the joy in witnessing human transformation through words and how she hopes to make a difference. We also talk about the dating life, getting married for the first time at the age of 50 and that crazy way we often find everything we want and need is right in front of us. You can learn more about working with Cynthia, her books and virtual workshops at www.originalimpulse.com and explore her art on Instagram @cynthiamorris.

What if you could look at your life not as something that happens TO you, but something that happens FOR you? Join the inspirational founder of Yoga Reaches Out, Sarah Gardner, and I for a conversation about what it takes to begin a nonprofit as well as how to know when it is time to let it go so it can grow wings. As a woman who lives in service, Sarah has just launched her next chapter, “The Daily Jam” to help others utilize positive thought and remember how to live in the moment. Sarah might be just shy of 51, but her star is just beginning to shine! You can add your name for some daily inspiration at http://www.dailyJAM.net or follow her on FaceBook at DailyJAM and on Instagram at DailyJAMblog. Learn more about Yoga Reaches Out here

Join Boulder artist Amy Clay and I as we talk about about artistic journeys, creative process, artist in residencies and ways of combatting the voices in our head that can keep us from creating the very thing we are meant to create. I met Amy in October 2019 just before she was to leave on a year’s worth of Artist In Residencies and was equally drawn to her art and her life perspective. How many of you could pick up and leave for a year fully embracing the inevitable uncertainty you were bound to experience? Find out what it takes to do that. Learn more about Amy at www.amyclay.com where you can also download her Artist in Residence course and receive a copy of her book, “The Far Shores of Being.”

Colorado’s Lisa Schaewe is an artist, therapist and mindfulness guru. Join us as we talk about impermanence, fear, denial, the power of disruption in creativity. Added bonus, you get to hear a real microphone drop and the ding from a messenger service! Ah the joy of being a podcast beginner…Lisa is a beautiful and gentle human being who always makes me feel zen just by being in her presence. In today’s chaotic world, I think we can all use a little Lisa. Explore Lisa’s art here.

Boulder’s Shannon Paige Kenney and I talk about love, failure, rising, yoga and life. Shannon is a yoga teacher, TedX speaker and all around cool kind of lady who shares her story of authenticity. Time to get real! Find Shannon at EarthYogaBoulder.com (Women.Words.Wisdom. 

I’m always on the lookout for inspiring and fascinating women to spotlight, so if you believe you or someone you know would be a great candidate for a conversation, please drop a line right here!

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