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Lessons from Grandma

My mother was 16 when she discovered she was pregnant with me and I was born two months after she turned 17. One of the gifts of my mother’s early indoctrination into motherhood was that I spent time with my grandmothers while they were still fairly young. My father’s...

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Wash Me Clean

"I was once the child and she, my caretaker.  I recall a time when I felt safe, content, and nurtured—because of my grandmother." She refuses to bathe anymore. Gram stinks of aged urine and dirty clothes, her greasy hair stuck to the side of her head. At first I buy...

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Grieving the loss of a pet

Many months ago I fessed up, telling my husband that I still cried over Tigger. I told him I still missed him and didn't talk about it much because while some people are crazy sensitive, many more just prefer not to talk about death and like to hold grief at arms...

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What Taking Selfies Taught Me

Voice: : the faculty of utterance lost my voice 2: a sound resembling or suggesting vocal utterance 3: an instrument or medium of expression the party became the voice of the workers 4a: wish, choice, or opinion openly or formally expressed the voice of the people...

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