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I don’t have time

When I was a young mother, my children and husband relied on me to keep the home running, boo-boo's kissed and food in the kitchen. I remember how hard it was to carve out time for a manicure, never mind sit down and have the kind of time I needed to get lost in...

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Professional Pivot

The counter story to menopause in Darcey Steinke’s “Flash Count Diary,” is her research into killer whales, specifically females who are post child bearing years. We share the experience of menopause with killer whales, but our societal roles are not the same. Female...

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Gailyc: Driven. Open. Selfish

This is the third in a monthly blog series called “Conversations,” where I will spotlight women over 50 by capturing them in photographs and providing writing prompts. I began this series to explore the many faces of women over 50 and how we experience changes as we...

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Something will happen

I was riding on a bike path from Basalt to Carbondale alone after two days working with one of my favorite clients. This was a big deal as I’ve just returned to riding solo and haven’t felt the joy of my bike for a long time unless I’m on the tandem with my husband. I...

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The Staircase

I am delighted to announce another first for Our Stories Today; an essay by a guest contributor. Renée Levine, age 94, is the mother of Sally Laventure who was recently spotlighted here in our Conversations column. Shortly after I ran the story of her daughter, she...

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Hot flash release

We were on the ground floor of Macy’s, surrounded by pretend beds, choosing sheets for summer. Flannel sheets were our favorite for winter, but the weather had warmed and the cast from my broken wrist last summer had chewed up our five-year old sets. There were pulls...

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