I love my home.

The pure magnitude of businesses affected by Covid-19 is devastating and overwhelming. We see pictures of Paris, New York, and other urban areas that are eerily quiet, but the streets of our small towns paint a picture that is deeply personal and powerful.

My husband and I live in old town Louisville, Colorado. I’ve only lived here since 2014, but he’s been here for roughly 18 years. I moved from North Boulder to share a home with him.

Funny story about that, actually. I moved here from a suburb west of Boston in 2010. My real estate agent wanted me to explore homes in Louisville. I wanted nothing to do with the town, worried it was too much like where I was moving from, too suburban.

I moved to North Boulder and looking back, that was the best decision for me in at that time in my life. My real estate agent laughed when I moved in with Rob–I guess Louisville was meant to be my home town after all.

I love my home.

I love my home: Sweet Cow, Louisville, Colorado

Sweet Cow

I love my house: Louisville, Colorado


I love my home: Huckleberry Restaurant





This is a rare site for the middle of the afternoon on a sunny Colorado day.

The community of Louisville has a wonderful vibe, lots of activities and ways for us all to come together. First Friday is a favorite of mine.

Lucky Pie

These benches are usually full, and on a nice day, hard to come by.





Main Street


I love my home: My Saving Grace Boutique, Louisville, Colorado

My Saving Grace


I love my home: Ocean Stone, Louisville, Colorado