What if the pine trees

standing tall on your favorite trail

tops gently swaying

from the breeze

they are protecting you from

were also there to bear witness to

the tears you quietly let slide into the soil?


If they heard your cries

on those difficult days

and began to sing together

an offering of solace.

Like they did

the time I moved 2000 miles

from home

and felt so alone

longing for all the things I had

left behind.


Or when Jamie died

and only one friend allowed

the world to stop for a moment

so I could scream into the darkness

deep into the horrible void death leaves behind.

Scream my grief

and my terror

now fully aware that one day

it would be my turn.


There was a special rock

on a special trail

where I would sit in silence warming

my face in the sun

while my shoulders sagged

and I longed for a friend to hold me.

I called it my crying rock.


In some of those moments

I felt

an embrace from something that

cannot hug

and I thought it might be the forest

As if the trees above saw my stumbling

And were whispering in my ear.

I couldn’t understand what they

were saying

but I knew on some level

a level not of this universe

that they were offering me


©Robin Enright Salcido