I’ve had the honor of knowing Kellye for a number of years and can honestly say that she was one of the ‘pushes’ I felt to let out my own inner artist. Watching her come out of the background was crazy inspirational to me.

Age: 56

Three words that describe you today?  Whole, curious, sincere

What are you up to these days?

Warranty and Repair Manager at Stages Cycling by day, instrumentalist/vocalist with my band, Krysalis, by night. After reading “The Great Work of your Life,” by Stephen Cope, I was inspired to break out of my chrysalis (get the band name now?) and share my voice and musicianship with my friends. I wanted them to know this part of me and to finally let that little girl inside perform on stage. I had played in a couple other bands but hid in the background. I really wanted to put myself ‘out there’.

Who or where do you find inspiration and why?

I’m inspired by people who dare to be different and live authentically from their true nature.  Any person that feels to live their authentic self, to live from their true nature means ….  I want body piercings or full body tattoos or orange hair or I’m a woman, not a man or speaks their truth during hard conversations and not caving to societal norms or pressures inspires me.

Words and wisdom you’d like to share with women a generation or so behind you?

Be open to the invitations life throws at you, open to the possibilities of growth. Push yourself to edge of your comfort zone, you’ll find the best view there. Let go of limiting beliefs.

What brings you the most joy today?

Playing/creating music with friends, spending time with my wife Claudia and our dog Ali.

Live Authentically | Conversations: Kellye Markin

What books have you recently enjoyed and why?

“The Great Work of Your Life” by Stephen Cope. This book is about finding your dharma, your true calling, through the ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita. I realized I have been stuck at a crossroads for many years, frozen in fear, not following my dharma of being a performing musician.

Hopes for ten years from now?

To be healthy enough to travel, have adventures. To wake each morning, thankful for the day, continuing spiritual growth. Making music with friends. Being curious about how things work. Still seeing the beauty in Mother Nature.

Live Authentically | Conversations: Kellye Markin