“I often dream life is just as it is only I have well behaved hair and I live in Paris” reads the sign on my door.

Perhaps none of you have thought of this, but it came to me this morning when I realized that in my old age home, Steve the hairdresser has had to close shop because of course, the Virus.

Imagine the disaster of some one hundred women, all without possibility of getting their hair done for an indefinite time. No shampoo, no color, no set, no cut, no styling.

I cannot go there.

Today I had a call from Jewish Family Services asking me if Harold and I wanted a box of matzo for Passover since they were not delivering the usual holiday meal this year because of course, the Virus.

I thanked her and told her that Harold would be happy but please, not for me. Why not? she asked. I don’t like matzo, I told her. She could not understand. No matzo? No.

The world as she knew it, had become confusing. First no family Passover and now no matzo. “Aren’t you Jewish?” Jews get the same virus but some Jews don’t like matzo.

Once, not so long ago, you needed just one grandparent to be a Jew. Now it has come down to eating matzo, but we are all equal before the Virus.

Renée Levine is 94 and on lock down at the Crossings, the senior community she lives in. She has offered to write letters about the reality of this experience. If you have a message you would like to send her, please either email me at robin@ourstoriestoday.com or leave a comment below and I’ll be sure she receives it.