I once overheard a friend complaining that her aging mother was spending too much money on skin care. She mentioned it like, “why bother, she’s old!” I didn’t say anything, but I was disturbed. Why shouldn’t our skin and skin care regime after 50 remain important? Is there a moment when we shouldn’t care? And who decides? How our skin feels is just as important as it looks, and let’s face it, our skin changes as we age! There is no reason to through in the towel just because we are getting older.

I don’t usually write articles like this, but since I have a system that I am super satisfied with, I thought I should share. Will it work for you? I can’t say, but maybe you’ll find something new to try if you aren’t happy with your own skin care regime.

During the pandemic, I found myself wearing minimal make-up. First I just eliminated eye makeup, then I stopped wearing anything but tinted moisturizer. How I cared for my skin became uber important the more unadorned it was. Colorado has a super dry climate which doesn’t do much to flatter aging skin as well.

I’m not a dermatologist and the regime I am sharing with you may not be perfect for you. I like sharing the things that work because you never know who might be in need of a new routine. Now that I am swimming a few days every week, I really need to pay attention to my skin.

Take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Know that these items work for me and that is my only bit of expertise.

  • Clean skin is important, but so many products strip our skin of natural oils. Frankly, I need all the moisture I can get! I also have pretty severe seasonal allergies, so no perfumes or strong ingredients for me. CeraVe was recommended by my eye doctor. Turns out dermatologists love it too! The cleanser is gentle, but strong enough to remove makeup. There are no harsh ingredients that are unneeded. Even better, it’s got a great price point, somewhere around $11 at Target. I use it every morning and before bed.
  • My dermatologist gave me some samples of Elta MD Skincare when I visited her last year for my annual skin cancer screening (super important for everyone, but especially if you live in a place like Colorado). I love the Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and slather it on every morning whether it’s cloudy or sunny. It provides an excellent amount of moisture and the important bonus of sun protection. Roughly $30 and it lasts forever! One tube lasted almost a year.
  • I like a heavier moisturizer at bedtime and a sales person at Sephora suggested I try Youth to the People’s Superberry Hydrate and Glow Mask. It’s perfect! Though it is a bit heavier, I could use it as a day moisturizer if needed. (I’d have to add sunscreen if I used it during the day.) Somewhere around $48.
  • I know the vote is out on the need for eye cream, but whatever, I need something to help smooth out my goggle impressions on the days I swim! Youth to the People’s Dream Eye Cream is just the ticket for me. Again, I use it at night and on super dry days. Depending on how often you use it, it last close to six months and costs roughly $48.

There is no one size fits all on any product. My skin tends to be dry (one of the reasons I so love visiting the east coast!) And I’m a bit lazy. I don’t enjoy anything that feels high maintenance or takes more than a few minutes to execute. I keep my skin clean and then add some tinted moisturizer, cream blush and when I am out and about, maybe even some mascara. My perspective on beauty has evolved and heavy make-up makes me cringe now.

I’d love to know about your favorite products, so shoot me an email!