I’ve been experimenting with a different style of creative expression and story-telling. From time to time, I’ll share that work here.


I walked through the empty


Everything so clean

Rooms looking large

Kissing the walls

Resting my hands on the surface.


I said thank you.

Thank you for sheltering me

For standing strong

When I fell apart

The one thing I could count

On remaining the same

I thought.


I said thank you

But I’m sorry

it’s time for me to go

And time for you to shelter someone else

Inside these walls.

I began to cry

I wanted to leave


But I had forgotten how important

Walls can be for keeping

Us safe.

How these walls stood firm.

They ask nothing in return

Or at least not very much

And they bear witness.


I wanted to leave

Because it was time to begin again

In a new home, a new town

With new walls sheltering my body

So my heart could rise

And I could see myself again.


Or at least the self that was


Waiting for the kiss of fresh life

And streets that are not familiar

No one told me that even the endings

We want