A few months ago I was approached by Eterneva seeking affiliate partners. Eterneva creates beautiful diamonds from the ashes of loved ones. At first, I wasn’t sure what I thought about it all, but the more I explored the company and their process, the more I believed an affiliation would be a good fit. Celebrating the life of someone we have loved and lost in this way began to grow on me.

I still have the ashes from my best friend, Tigger who died in my arms in early 2016. While I have not yet begun the process to create a diamond from him, the idea has been on my mind.

To date, this is the only company I’ve felt comfortable providing promotion space to on Our Stories Today. I’m not interested in peppering you with advertising focused on women over 50. The reason for that is because so much of the merchandise being hawked has to do with making women feel they need to change.

This is different. We all grieve a loss differently. Creating diamonds from the ashes of a loved one will not be for everyone. But I wanted to be sure my readers knew it was an option in celebrating the life of a loved one. The video below is a quick introduction to the process.