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The Absence of Marketing to Baby Boomers

I went to five stores before I found the right pants for a trip. And when I did, it was an accidental discovery. Seems to me something is wrong with this picture. A few days before I was leaving for Scotland, I went shopping for pants. I wanted something lightweight,...

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Celebrating 60 Years

This is how I spent my 60th birthday: I woke in the arms of the man I love most in the world in Ullapool, Scotland. I had coffee and a wonderful breakfast made by my husband. We went for a four mile walk in the misty weather and then cleaned up and drove to town. We...

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Take a bath

In the summer of 2018, my husband and I redid our bathroom. This was not a frivolous remodel. Before the remodel, the toilet was pink with a seat that could barely accommodate an adult toosh, there was an empty space where a washer and dryer had been before, complete...

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The Leaf

I walk a number of steps past it before I turn around and pick it up to look more closely. The leaf is beautiful, lacy, old and delicate. I imagine it has been on this path after falling from one of the many towering trees all winter and its survival moves me. I hold...

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Wait? Weight?

Before I hit 50, I never thought about weight. I had trouble gaining weight and ate whatever I wanted, though I tried to maintain a fairly healthy diet. In 2013 I was at an all-time low and wanted to gain seven or eight pounds because aging is not kind to skinny skin....

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