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Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and explore the stories below. Find inspiration in one of our Conversations. Learn something new. Find community. Share with your friends. 

Conversations: Kellye Markin

I've had the honor of knowing Kellye for a number of years and can honestly say that she was one of the 'pushes' I felt to let out my own inner artist. Watching her come out of the background was crazy inspirational to me. Age: 56 Three words that describe you today? ...

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The shitty wife

Who gets to decide what makes a 'good wife, mother, friend or daughter?' While married to the father of my children for over 18 years, I thought I was a good wife. It wasn’t until the end when we were so unhappy and the tension was so thick you could put a fork in it,...

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A night at home

  These days, the halcyon days of early fall, when the air shifts, the heat lowers, the shadows lengthen, and we are home for a few weeks before the next trip, are simple. We are home. The time is 7:19 p.m. and I am sitting on our couch, sipping wine, listening...

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Letters from Renee

Letter's from Renee is a new column and will represent the introspective and profound writing from Renee Levine who is 94 years old. Renee will add her voice to our community from time to time. Recently she commented on a column I wrote about perspective.  Yes, it is...

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I don’t have time

When I was a young mother, my children and husband relied on me to keep the home running, boo-boo's kissed and food in the kitchen. I remember how hard it was to carve out time for a manicure, never mind sit down and have the kind of time I needed to get lost in...

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Professional Pivot

The counter story to menopause in Darcey Steinke’s “Flash Count Diary,” is her research into killer whales, specifically females who are post child bearing years. We share the experience of menopause with killer whales, but our societal roles are not the same. Female...

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Conversations: Gailyc Sonia Braunstein

This is the third in a monthly blog series called “Conversations,” where I will spotlight women over 50 by capturing them in photographs and providing writing prompts. I began this series to explore the many faces of women over 50 and how we experience changes as we...

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