How does one go about changing life after sixty?

Dear friends,

I’ve been thinking about something I know to be true, something I want to share with you.

It’s never too late to make a change. There is no age requirement for leaping into that very thing you’ve always wanted to explore. Maybe you want to begin your own business, take painting lessons, hike the AT, live in a tiny house, or finally use that beautiful and strong voice. You have every right to continue to shine.

In fact, I believe that the thing that makes us ‘old’ is not so much our age, but rather our perspective about our own value as a human being.

We have a choice, and depending on the day, our choice may lead us to uplift or down into a dark hole. Consider that this is our mind speaking; not our sore knees, menopausal belly, or gray hair. One of the most beautiful things about life are the choices we have to provide meaning to our own lives.

I do not presume to suggest any mind shift is easy.

But I am saddened when I meet women just shy of 70 or close to 60 who feel their days are done. I understand it; I’ve been there. I just choose not to remain there, and I don’t want any woman to remain there.

Some women feel that because their bodies cannot do what they once could, an activity they love is done. Others do not feel needed. There are those that only feel beautiful or relevant if others provide the feedback they need. Some are lonely. And still others entered retirement ready to relax and do nothing only to find that ‘nothing’ is not all that rewarding or meaningful.

There are things in life we have no choice about, but how we adapt and how we choose to give our lives beauty is up to us.

The idea for Our Stories Today began in April 2019, just shy of my 60th birthday. This community is the result of my pondering how we women over 50 can break free of inaccurate cultural and societal representations. I wanted to begin a new chapter, a new business, at the age of sixty. I was curious.

How does one go about changing life after sixty?

If you are me, you begin by writing down everything that enters your head or tugs at your heart, or is competing for attention.You get down to the business of organizing a business: marketing plan, budget, vision statement, website design.

I wanted to leap into change and create new life after sixty. Man, was I energized.

I kept my consulting work while I explored where this idea might take me.

Then, a few weeks ago, my husband and I sat down and talked about the best time for me to go full time with OST. As the owner of another business, Merchandising Matters, my time has been in rough chunks, an hour here, an hour there. Chunks don’t do much to spur creativity.

I’ve been fortunate to have steady income for quite a few years, but the work is draining and I’ve reached fruition. It’s time to be done. It is time for a new adventure, a leap into something uncertain, though rich in possibility.

Rob and I looked over our numbers and we decided we can absorb the financial uncertainty of my leap.

I have two contracts to finish, but will be ready for full time with OST in May. Ready to dive more deeply into the issues, both good and bad, personal and societal, we experience as we become older. And especially ready to support you as your life changes, hoping that the stories here might provide you with that little push all of us need from time to time, to leap into your own new adventure.

What’s next? Workshops (both virtual and live) that provide you with an opportunity to explore your potential next chapter, more frequent newsletters, podcast, interviews with inspiring women, and of course, more portrait work.

I speak from privilege, I know. Not everyone has a safety net. Yet, I think much of the way we falter, comes instead from how we imprison ourselves. My one big question for you today is: What is the meaning you want to give your one life? Are you willing to leap into this?

Growth does not end when your children leave home, you retire, you change relationship status or you celebrate your 80th birthday.

Unless you let it.