This is how I spent my 60th birthday:
I woke in the arms of the man I love most in the world in Ullapool, Scotland. I had coffee and a wonderful breakfast made by my husband. We went for a four mile walk in the misty weather and then cleaned up and drove to town.

We walked through shops and stopped in for coffee (for me, hot chocolate for him) at a bistro called Frigate. We ate cake for lunch.

Then we shopped some more. Went to the bookstore, art gallery and gift shop. Walked down to the beach to watch a regatta that was going on and Rob enjoyed the conversation with rowers—I enjoyed the conversation too with another couple, but we spoke about life.

Everyone is so damn friendly here. Friendly, as in, talk to you and give a shit about your response friendly.

I love the age variation here too. Young, middle, older and elderly. All walking along the same street.

After we watched some of the regatta and enjoyed chatting with our new friends, we went for a beer. We walked a bit down the street to a lovely restaurant for dinner and ate far too much before driving back to our cherished cottage and the sheep. When we got ‘home’ I get out of the car to open the gate and Rob ran to turn on ‘Genny,’ the generator we use for electricity and wifi. (We are staying on a working farm.)

Now we sit across from one another, Rob reading and mapping out our drive to our next stop, Isle of Skye, which we head to tomorrow. I’m writing in my journal.

If you have read along to the end, good for you. If you enjoyed this story of ordinary moments that feel extraordinary to me, well no wonder we are connected because we must share the same soul.

Life is not made up of epic moments, but rather ordinary moments that take our breath away, and I am fucking grateful that my life has an inordinate amount of those. I have my worries, fears and dreadful days just like you too. After all, I am human.

If you are a younger person dreading getting older, I want to say, don’t dread it. Savor the seconds. Cherish the ordinary things like how green grass can be, the sound of baby lambs, how rain feels when it flows over your cheek. Such things never disappear.

And cherish the day when you really WILL use your voice. And not apologize for who you are. Fuck everyone else. Be YOU.
With so much love to you for being in my life.
Thank you for all your love today!