The 2021 Wise Women Project features interviews and portraits of women over 50 with the goal of recognizing the many ways women contribute and provide inspiration to our community. These are their stories. Want to participate? Learn more here.

Name: Elizabeth Martinez

Age:  55

What is something you are exploring with passion today? 

My health and mortality.  I exercise 20 -30 hours per week working at Amazon.  I am a cancer survivor who has changed my focus (midlife crisis) to work-life-balance.  Currently I am going through a career change.  For the past 25 years I worked in the high stress mortgage industry as an Underwriter and a Processor.  It was exhausting and since I turned 50 I no longer wanted to work 24/7.

How did you decide to follow this path?

My father died on 4/8/21.  His heart gave out due to heart disease.  He also had dementia.  Watching him deteriorate in front of my eyes was difficult to go through.  He was 2 weeks shy of his 82nd birthday.  My mom will be 80 this year in July.

How has your voice and ability to explore changed as you have become older?

I have become bolder.  Kind of like I may be gone tomorrow; I am my own advocate.  I also have a survivor mentality.  I am lucky to be alive.  I take nothing for granted and I do not hold any grudges.

I have also developed a closer relationship with my mom and sister.

What does the way you spend your time today mean to you especially at this stage of life? 

I needed a break and a chance to have some work life balance. I needed a break so I took 3 months off and focused on my home life, husband and animals – and me/my health.

What is/has been the biggest roadblock to you in your life?

Being a perfectionist, fear of failure, procrastination due to fear of failure

How did you/are you pushing past that roadblock?

I am working on not being so fearful by taking more chances and speaking up more.  I realize that the fear I feel is preventing me from enjoying my life.  I have discovered that I am continually moving forward and that it is ok to fall flat on my face.  At least I am still moving forward.

Elizabeth_MartinezShare a favorite inspirational quote:

“Be like a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.”

Advice to anyone wanting to try something new who is over the age of 50 to a woman who is dreading getting older?

Take a chance!  Take more ‘me’ time.  Be more daring.  Live in the present and find joy in today.  Do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

Anything you want to add?

I believe women become more beautiful as they age.

Elizabeth Martinez


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